Friday, 8 May 2015

Couple of tank I have recently finished

Flames for Mike and his XL1200X forty eight Harley Davidson.  I always do love making flame jobs on tins! Now he's busy but next week we'll find the tme to put it on the bike! can't wait!

The blue one is for Alberto at lifewithtintoys ..Buell freak converted to the Motor Factory wth a stock XL1200S four sparks Harley Davidson. He wanted to get a XR1000 touch. I do love so much to paint some factory inspired graphics. I'll gonna have another paint soon on a 5 Speed emblem 1993 sportster tank.

Thank you for life Mike and Alberto!


  1. "Buell freak converted"....ahahah...TOP!
    Grazie ancora del lavoro, spettacolo!!

  2. pan head vs ball head tripods - is there a difference?

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