Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Here's the bike I did one month ago.

From Cheesy to UN-Cheesy (

This is a Dyna Sport....so I wanted to bring it back to his "sporty" stance...I just only kept the superlowered rear shocks (the guy wanted to keep them...).

With the help of my pals at Ferri Da Miglia Cycle Shop,
I put back the narrow triple trees and the double instrument. and the stock wheels too...but I made them black, with new tyres.
Black hi-temp painted exhaust.
New air filter made in Italy.
I re-shaped the rear fender inspiring by some pro-stock pictures I had in mind.
Mini Lucas tail light
Also the front fender has been re-shaped...but no one will see it. Because I wanted so.
I re-shaped the saddle and designed the stiches pattern. It came out perfectly as I wanted it to be.
Fuel tank has been re painted, and I added a perfect reproduction of one of my favourite Harley Davidson decals ever. It defintely makes half the job, dont' you think?
New handlebar and grips complete the tricks.

thanx for reading

Cristiano. Verona. Italy.

owner: Artù