Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Little Overview about some bikes I had the chance to do

Here are some fantastic shots by M.Liutic and M.Franceschini:

 Tank graphic insipired by XR1000

every Five Speed Custom Motorcycle is meant to be ridden

me, Teo and her majesty the Arena of Verona

Fenders reshaped, saddle, triple trees, air cleaner, exhausts, tank, handlebar, paintjob and new tyres.
Stock look. because harleys are cool and we all have to respect their precious heritage.

dont't care about the guy....the bike is a 883 Sportster that looks out of fender, saddle, tank, handlebar, airfilter, triple trees, front light, sideplate mounting, paintjob, coil/keyswitch relocation, exhaust. central footpegs controls.

paintjob detail, and some other details too...

I fucking love it


then we took a spin around to get some riding pics.
these guys are killing it with the camera: I love you!