Friday, 27 November 2015

Helmets for 70's

Fabrizio at 70's asked for some lids for a Custom Made collection.
I am so proud to be part of his project.
Check out his site. 70's helmets are absolutely perfect for every head.
Stay tuned for some more to come (hopefully)

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Narrow Frisco Style Sportster Tank

black, light gray, ivory

cut into pieces, bung moved to the right, petcock on the right, flat bottom. and molded to the limit

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Here's the bike I did one month ago.

From Cheesy to UN-Cheesy (

This is a Dyna I wanted to bring it back to his "sporty" stance...I just only kept the superlowered rear shocks (the guy wanted to keep them...).

With the help of my pals at Ferri Da Miglia Cycle Shop,
I put back the narrow triple trees and the double instrument. and the stock wheels too...but I made them black, with new tyres.
Black hi-temp painted exhaust.
New air filter made in Italy.
I re-shaped the rear fender inspiring by some pro-stock pictures I had in mind.
Mini Lucas tail light
Also the front fender has been re-shaped...but no one will see it. Because I wanted so.
I re-shaped the saddle and designed the stiches pattern. It came out perfectly as I wanted it to be.
Fuel tank has been re painted, and I added a perfect reproduction of one of my favourite Harley Davidson decals ever. It defintely makes half the job, dont' you think?
New handlebar and grips complete the tricks.

thanx for reading

Cristiano. Verona. Italy.

owner: Artù

Thursday, 27 August 2015

S.W.R.F. (some works recently finished) : Bell helmet, Little john helmet, Dmd Vintage helmet, Harley Davidson fuel tank, Dmd Vintage helmet

Bell RT helmet. Renzo Pasolini's AGV  "uncorrect replica". Owner: Matteo

Little John jet helmet. Sweet Leaf on fucking glitter. Owner: Filippo

DMD Vintage Helmet. I repaired some scratches too on this lid. Owner: Faz

2.2. gallons fuel tank for a Softail. Mine. Ceramic coat inside. Paint job got ispired by the precious Harley Davidson heritage. Owner: Cristiano

Road worn effect on this DMD Vintage. Owner: Ferri Da Miglia Cycle Shop 

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Some Helmets I have finished in these past weeks for some locals

This Bandit Jet for Davide

Bilwell Bonanza Helmet for Francesco and Stefano at Ferri Da Miglia. It's for sale in their shop.

The Yam and the Bell RT for Sun and Ale.

I love doing this shit. Soon there will be some update about a Harley Davidson I am working on and some other custom paintings. I feel lucky for this chances. Thank you all!

Friday, 8 May 2015

Couple of tank I have recently finished

Flames for Mike and his XL1200X forty eight Harley Davidson.  I always do love making flame jobs on tins! Now he's busy but next week we'll find the tme to put it on the bike! can't wait!

The blue one is for Alberto at lifewithtintoys ..Buell freak converted to the Motor Factory wth a stock XL1200S four sparks Harley Davidson. He wanted to get a XR1000 touch. I do love so much to paint some factory inspired graphics. I'll gonna have another paint soon on a 5 Speed emblem 1993 sportster tank.

Thank you for life Mike and Alberto!