Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Nic's 883R five speed custom cycle #1

from this:

to this:

Nic bought a 2003 883R in not so good conditions...and we decided to put all our efforts to let this bike running as it deserves.
Brand new wiring; Biltwell seat (re-upholstered) and a second two-up seat which is in due course right now;
Wheels, complete front end and foot controls sanded and black powder coated;
One of a kind tachometer/coil/choke support;
Exhaust, modified and hi-temp black painted;
2.2 gallons fuel tank with a '60 original Harley Davidson paint scheme replica;
Brand new micro handlebar controls.
It runs greatly and we look forward to taking a ride with Nic asap!

Feel free to check further pictures on our Instagram profile 

For any info just drop a line on our email

Thank you Nic for giving us this precious chance!

pics courtesy of our pal Lucio: thanx man!

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